Tips for Starting a Non-Profit Business in Houston

Tips for Starting a Non-Profit Business in Houston

Running a non-profit business can give you greater satisfaction than any normal business, as you will be contributing positively to society. You can set up a non-profit business in Houston. The process is not complicated. However, you should know what the prerequisites for starting such a business in Houston are.

Choose A Name

You should first choose a name for your non-profit organization. Branding is very important in this business, and the name should reflect what you want to do. The name shouldn’t conflict with the other names of non-profit organizations that are registered in this state.

Recruit The Directors

First, recruit the main brains of your company, that is, the directors. They must have defined roles and appropriate experience and qualifications for the job. They should meet the residency and age requirements.

Have A Registered Agent

A registered agent must be recruited. The person will be responsible for getting the legal notices on behalf of your company. The agent must live in Houston and have an office there.

Prepare Documents

You should prepare the articles of incorporation which mention when and where the company was formed. It verifies the existence of the company. You should gather other documents, permits, and licenses necessary to open the business.

Hold Meetings

You should hold meetings with the Board of Directors and decide on your company goals, mission, and vision. You should discuss the strategies you are going to use to hire people, raise funds, and operate the business.

Get A Tax Identification Number and Accounts

You should get the tax identification number for your business and also open up business accounts where you will keep your funds. This will help to keep a proper record of your transactions throughout the year.

There are thousands of non-profit organizations in Houston. You can work with the support of some of these organizations to achieve your goals and make the community a better place.

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Fundraising Event Ideas for Your Non-Profit Organization

Fundraising Event Ideas for Your Non-Profit Organization

In Houston, many non-profit organizations are working for various causes that help the community. For these non-profit organizations to operate, a good amount of funds is required.

If you run a non-profit organization, then you need to arrange various events to raise funds for the company. Here are some great fundraising ideas for your non-profit company.

Fun Walk or Run

You can organize fun walks and runs like marathons, half-marathons, or other races. This event is very easy to plan, and lots of people will be willing to participate in it for the fun of it. This event is appropriate for people of various age groups. You can raise a lot of money through this event as the number of participants will be very high.

Fundraising Event Ideas for Your Non Profit Organization 1 - Fundraising Event Ideas for Your Non-Profit Organization

A-Thon Events

A-thon events are popular fundraising events in Houston. You can organize walk-a-thon, hike-a-thon, or golf-a-thon events. These dollar-for-dollar events don’t require much money to organize. So, you will be collecting a lot of money without incurring much cost.

Non-Sport Competitions

Many people enjoy competitions. You can arrange non-sport competitions like art, music, or dance competitions to raise funds for your non-profit company. These competitions incur lower costs than arranging sports competitions.


You can have an auction of valuable items like a rare piece of art or showpiece. Many people have the habit of collecting these rare things, and they will be interested in these events.

Art Exhibit

You can have an art exhibition showcasing the works of various local artists. This gives these new artists a chance to show their talents. You can raise a lot of money from this event.

The events organized by the non-profit organizations help to raise awareness about the campaign you are conducting. It helps to raise funds for the cause you are fighting. It also gives the community people a scope to socialize.